Color Me Sprisser at World Bodypainting Festival

Color Me Sprisser WBF ModelWow, color me Sprisser at the event of the summer! Incredible living art abounds at the World Bodypainting Festival held in Corinthia, Austria, July 1-3. The largest event of its kind, everywhere you look creative genius is displayed as a living art form. Over 1,500 participants and thousands of onlookers make the event the place to be in mid-summer.

Color Me Sprisser

Our brightly colored blue and pink Sprisser beverage stations were a standout among all the masterful creations that meandered throughout the festival crowds. Among the many workshops, music on multiple stages and highly coveted competitions, the action is nonstop. Show stopping makeup, hair raising techniques and world class special effects seen everywhere makes for an unforgettable time.

Color Me Sprisser Drink Station at WBFCool, refreshing Sprisser was served to thousands of festival goers, many who came back for more. We were happy to find blue and pink bodypainted models make their way to our Sprisser stations. It was a great opportunity for a photo opp with some of our team members who wore our Sprisser T-shirts in complementary colors.

The World Bodypainting Festival was our third installment of summer festival participation. With that, we have met and expanded our Sprisser fans exponentially. Many of whom expressed an interest to buy Sprisser anywhere it is sold. Presently, Sprisser is sold in Austria at events and through the website We are looking at distribution opportunities to bring Sprisser more accessible to our valued fans. Overall, participation at summer events has been phenomenal for the roll-out of our new Sprisser beverages.

It’s been an incredible experience working for Sprisser over the summer. I’d say there is a huge interest in our Sprisser drinks, all flavors seem to be popular. It got busy really fast at these events. We were selling nonstop and even drew crowds. Totally awesome! – Sprisser event team member

We look forward to seeing our Sprisser fans at future events! Be sure to visit our news page and follow our social pages for the latest on Sprisser.

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