New Sprisser Bar Makes First Appearance at Donauinselfest 2016

Donauinselfest 2016New Sprisser Bar serves music festival goers for the first time ever. Dizzying crowds flocked to Donauinselfest for three full days of music madness. Fun was had by all including our Sprisser team who worked tirelessly to serve up our cold refreshing Sprisser drinks. Sprisser enjoyed three prime locations at the event where festival goers stopped by to get their Sprisser drinks. All three flavors, Sprisser Wiener, Sprisser Cosmo and Sprisser Classic were served and also some of our non-alcoholic versions. All flavors were a big hit and many customers returned to buy more, even in large quantities.

New Sprisser Bar Draws Thousands

New Sprisser Bar and Team at Donauinselfest
Our Sprisser team at Donauinselfest 2016.

Once our Sprisser team arrived to set up our Sprisser stations at the Donauinsel, (Danube Island), they anxiously awaited the arrival of the new Sprisser Bar. After months of preparation and manufacturing all the components of the Sprisser Bar, at last, it was delivered to the delight of our hardworking team. Brightly colored in our signature blue and pink, with the huge Sprisser logo emblazoned on it and its upbeat design became an immediate attraction drawing curiosity seekers to inquire about Sprisser.

“I really like this new drink, I tried one Sprisser and then came back for more. I ended up trying each flavor and my favorite is Cosmo. Where can I buy it?” – Festival goer

Plug and Play Sprisser Bar

New Sprisser Bar Arrives at Donauinselfest

Using a clever container concept, the all-in-one design was unfolded revealing a unique serving center, complete with bar, refrigeration, built in signs and lighting, plus all that a self-contained unit needs to be fully operational. Just plug and play, and wow, did we ever! At the end of the festival, our tired and worn out crew, simply wiped the bar clean and literally folded up the Sprisser Bar. Done. On to the next event!

By the end of the event, we sold over 10,000 cans of Sprisser! A great start in our endeavor to be the most refreshing, high quality, lightly alcoholic drink available. We’re proud to have debuted Sprisser at Donauinselfest 2016 and give a big thank you to all our new Sprisser friends. We hope to see you at our next event, the World Bodypainting Festival.