We started out with an idea to create a cold drink that is genuinely refreshing and buzzing.  How did we come about sprisser? Searching for alternative drinks that romance the consumers taste palate, gives your mouth a refreshed feeling that wants to drink just more than one sprisser.  Big challenge and we succeeded.

We fused the modern art of mixology and the long standing tradition of wine making together to create a new refreshingly buzzing drink category called Sprisser.

spriZZer is phonetically pronounced
sprisser ~

First batch of Sprisser cans

Our first batch of Sprisser’s cans was manufactured for focus group testing, field tastings and marketing. Feedback was incredibly buzzing to say the least. Words like, WOW, Insane, Awesome, Delicious, Hmmmm, where can I buy one, Out of this World, I think everyone gets the picture. The focus groups were more scientific. Besides all the high five 5’s and compliments on the cans branding, people really had a hard time to decide if the Cosmo or the Wiener Sprisser is there favorite, but all agreed that they had never tasted anything like it. In 2 words refreshingly buzzing “uniquely delicious”