Sprisser at UEFA Euro 2016 Public Viewing in Aspern

Sprisser makes its first showing at a major public event, the UEFA European Championship Public Viewing in the new city district of Aspern Nord, in Vienna, Austria. Sprisser was first publicly available on June 10, 2016. Among the three giant LED wall monitors and food trucks loaded with delectable international cuisines was our Sprisser drink station with our signature blue, pink and white upbeat design. Our servers were primed and ready to go for the long haul.

Sprisser at Aspern UEFA Public Viewing 2016


UEFA fan excitement grew even as we were setting up our beverage stand. Spectators flocked to get their thirst quenched with our Sprisser beverages. Besides our Sprisser Cosmo and and Classic Weiner Sprisser, we also offered our non-alcoholic version of Sprisser Cosmo. All our Sprisser drinks were well received and return customers were plenty. We were glad to hear good comments about Sprisser as the spectators tried their first sips. Comments like „Wow, this is good.“, „Where can I get this?“ and „This is really refreshing.“ makes all our efforts in making Sprisser publicly available worthwhile. We are proud to be a part of this incredible event with its enthusiastic crowds.

Go Austria!

This year, the Austrian national team has qualified for a European Championship for the first time (apart from the Euro event held in Austria). We’ll be rooting for them! Follow your favorite team and find out the latest standings and statistics of UEFA by visiting their official website.

Sprisser Menu at Aspern UEFA Public Viewing

Sprisser Events

Sprisser will be serving beverages at this and other sporting events. We will also be serving Sprisser at major music festivals and other public events throughout Austria. We continue to line up more events in Austria followed by additional countries next year. Take a look at our upcoming and past events. Hope to see you there!