In the past lie all the answers so our founders went back to the past and re-introduced an old fashion drink with a twist. We took the traditional drink and infused it with Fun and Happiness and out came an innovative great tasting new drink. The original wine spritzer has its roots in the capital of Austria, Vienna, where local winery’s served some of their wines with sparkling water on hot summer days and therefore creating a refreshing drink for the ages. Over the years the “Wiener Spritzer” became popular far beyond its origin.

This refreshing summer drink demanded a twist to get the next generation’s attention. The Millennia generation is open to experimenting and exploring many socially cool alternatives.

Introducing new flavors and creative mix recipe’s tailored to the Millenia’s and beyond generation, we think that we have accomplished our mission to create a socially fun high quality wine based mix drinks called spriZZer.